Advertisers FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers from adzoc advertisers

  • Currently the minimum cost per click for a campaign is $0.02 per click, although our system will automatically recommend the cost per click you should pay for your ad to stand out from the rest. The minimum deposit is $5

  • We currently accept Paypal, Payeer, Crypto, Faucetpay, Perfectmoney. If the system does not show you the option of your preferred payment method, please start a chat with us and we will help you process your deposit.

  • Please contact us via chat, if we are not available via chat you can write us the transaction data and we will add it manually shortly. If we are not available, it may take a few hours to process your request.

  • Our platform is focused on rewards websites like faucets, pay per click sites, homework, get paid to sites, cryptocurrencies, casinos, investments, rewarded games and similar things. If your advertising campaign is not related to any of this, it is likely that you will not receive clicks, sales or the result you expect. If your campaign is related to the above, then you are in the right place for the success of your campaigns.

  • The recommended CPC is the Cost per click that our system recommends paying for each click that your ad receives. If you pay the recommended CPC your ads will have a higher priority, that means your ads will be shown first and more times than the other ads. Our cpc system is based on a bid, so ads with higher CPC are shown more times and get more impressions and clicks. You can also pay less than the recommended CPC and even the minimum CPC of $0.02 but your ads will show less than other ads, the recommended CPC works as follows: If other ads are paying $0.05 per click, then the system will recommend you to pay $0.06 per click to give your ad priority over other ads.

  • Ads are approved instantly, but if your ad breaks our terms and conditions we will remove it

  • If you already have an advertiser account, you can add funds to your account and then you can go to the create ads menu ( There you can decide whether to create a text ad or a banner ad.

  • You can start a live chat with us, you can go to the contact section and fill out the form with your message or you can write us via email

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